Zong WhatsApp Packages (Monthly, Daily and Weekly)

Zong was the first to introduce 4G speed in Pakistan. Zong is famous for WhatsApp packages. In this fast-moving world, fast social media communication, especially from WhatsApp, is a must, whether you are a casual mobile user or a heavy telecommunications user. WhatsApp has become an inevitable social network to stay in touch with our loved ones. Others like Facebook, Twitter, and Line are equally as popular. WhatsApp users like to send/receive SMS, audio/video files, and crucial moments to share. 

Prepaid and Postpaid Difference:

How you pay is the primary difference between prepaid and postpaid services. Prepaid services are delivered before use, and postpaid services are paid after use. Apart from that, there are a few crucial differences:

Credit Check: You must pass a credit check to obtain a postpaid service. Prepaid eliminates the requirement for a credit check.

Contract: You’ll typically sign a contract for your postpaid service. There is no contract with prepaid.

Data Caps: With postpaid, you may have a limitless data package. A data restriction is typically included with prepaid.

Zong WhatsApp Packages:

Zong WhatsApp packages can be divided into three categories:

Package: Price: (PKR) Data Allowance: Validity Period: Activation Code: Unsubscription Code:
Monthly: Rs. 70 5GB 30 Days *247# Dial *6464# or Send <unsub sm> to 6474
Weekly: Rs. 29 1300 SMS and 200 MBs  WhatsApp 7 Days *702# or Send <sub> to 700 Send <unsub or unsubscribe> to 700
Daily: Rs. 23 100 MBs 1 Day *6464# N/A

Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package:


Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packagе is the most popular Zong Packagе in Pakistan,  with the majority of customers prеfеrring it. Zong wants to connect everyone to everyone with Good deals, whether it is Call Packages or WhatsApp packages. After acquiring this Zong Monthly WhatsApp Package, users can call via video or audio to any network.  Thе Zong WhatsApp Monthly Packagе includеs the following sеrvicеs:


  • Usеrs can make video and voicе calls. 
  • Usеrs hаvе thе option of uploading and downloading videos. 
  •  Sharing photographs and sеnding tеxt and voicе mеssagеs. 


Usеrs may gеt thе Zong Monthly WhatsApp Packagе for just 70 PKR,  which includes 5 GB of data with a 1-month validity pеriod. 


To subscribе to thе Zong Monthly WhatsApp packagе,  usеrs must add thе 70 Rs (PKR) balancе to their sim card and dial *247#. 


Usеrs can check the status of the remaining data by dialing *102,  but they must pay 10+ paise for every check. 


Send the word UNSUB SM to 6464 to stop receiving the Zong WhatsApp Monthly Package.

Package: Price: (PKR) Data Allowance: Validity Period: Activation Code:
Monthly Normal: 5GB WhatsApp Rs.100 1 Month   *247# 
Monthly PLUS 5GB WhatsApp + IMO30 Off-net mins200 On-net mins 200 SMS Rs. 220 1 Month *4000#
Monthly WhatsApp and SMS  30 MB/day WhatsApp 500 SMS/day(All for 1 Month) Rs. 75 1 Month *705#

Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package:


We’ll now discuss Zong Weekly WhatsApp and SMS Packages, the company’s other popular selling bundle. The Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package is one of the cheapest Zong bundles.

 Signing up for the Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package is simple and offers consumers several advantages.


With a seven-day validity, Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package users can use 1300 SMS and 200 MBs for WhatsApp. It simply costs 29 PKR to purchase this package.


To find out how much SMS and MBs are left, users can dial *102# from their cell device.


Users must dial *702# from their cell device or text the keyword to 700 to sign up for Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly. The weekly bundle must be chosen by selecting the second option in the reply SMS.


Sending unsub or unsubscribe> to 700 will prevent users from receiving the Zong WhatsApp Package Weekly. This will result in the deactivation of their Zong Weekly WhatsApp Package.

Weekly WhatsApp Offer from Zong:


Users who want a new sim card may use the WhatsApp New Sim Offer each week. In addition to 4 GB of internet (2 GB internet plus 1 GB each for Facebook and WhatsApp), users of the Zong Every week, the WhatsApp platform New Sim Offer receive 1000 Zong minutes with a one-week validity. Zong wants to connect everyone to everyone with Good deals, whether it is Zong internet packages. Users who want to take advantage of the Zong Weekly WhatsApp New Sim Offer simply dial *10# after activating their new Zong sim card.

  Package:       Price: (PKR) Data Allowance: Validity Period: Activation Code:
Weekly New Sim Offer 2 GB Internet 1GB Facebook  1GB WhatsApp1000 Zong Minutes       (Total 4GB Net). Free 7 Days   *10# 

Things You Should Know About Zong’s New Sim Offer

  • This promotion only applies to Prepaid Zong SIMs activated as of November 1, 2017.
  • This promotion does not apply to MBB or Internet SIM.
  • After activating the SIM, users must dial *10# once to receive the 4 GB (including 1 GB WhatsApp & 1 GB Facebook) Data & 1000 on Net Minutes for 7 Days.
  • The business retains the right to terminate the promotion at any time and without notice.
  • Users can report improper and unethical texts by texting SENDER’s NUMBER (SPACE) to 9000 – PTA.

Zong 3-Day WhatsApp Package:

The Zong 3-Day WhatsApp Package has a 3-day validity period, as the name suggests. 


Only South Punjab in Pakistan can use the Zong Super Recharge Offer. 1 GB of data and 1000 Zong minutes with a 3-day expiration are included in the Zong 3 Day WhatsApp bundle. The 3-Day Package must be purchased by dialing *3433# from a mobile device. If the user’s mobile device has sufficient balance, the 3-Day package will be enabled.

AIT, FED, and GST are terms and conditions for Zong’s 3-Day Package.

  Package:       Price: (PKR) Data Allowance: Validity Period: Activation Code:
3 Day WhatsApp Package:
1GB WhatsApp1000 Zong Minutes    
Rs. 63 3 Days   *3433# 

Zong WhatsApp Package Daily:

The Zong Daily WhatsApp Package is now available in the following forms:

Zong Data Max and Daily Basic:

For about 23 PKR, you may purchase the 100 MB daily essential Zong bundle. If you want to subscribe to this Zong Daily WhatsApp package, dial *6464# from your phone and choose the daily bundles option.

  Package:       Price: (PKR) Data Allowance: Validity Period: Activation Code:
Daily Basic Zong Bundle:
100 MBs.    
Rs. 23 Daily   *6464# 

Users can choose from 1 more Zong Daily WhatsApp package. By dialing *700#, consumers can take advantage of this offer for merely Rs 7 (PKR)+ Taxes. Users receive 500 SMS with a one-day validity, 1 MB of internet, 30 MB for WhatsApp, and 1 MB of data.

  Package:       Price: (PKR) Data Allowance: Validity Period: Activation Code:
Zong Data Max:
1 MB Internet30 MB WhatsApp500 SMS    
Rs. 7 + Tax Daily   *700# 


  • Cost-Effеctivе: Zong packages are competitively priced,  making them affordablе for usеrs from all walks of life. 
  •  Dеdicatеd WhatsApp Data: The data provided in thеsе packages is exclusively for WhatsApp,  ensuring you have enough data for your messaging nееds. 
  •  Flеxiblе Validity: With options for daily,  wееkly,  and monthly packagеs,  you can choose the validity that suits your requirements. 
  •  Easе of Activation: Activating thеsе packages is as simple as calling a code,  and you’re good to go. 
  •  Rеliablе Nеtwork: Zong is known for its rеliablе nеtwork,  ensuring a seamless WhatsApp еxpеriеncе. 
  • Affordability: Zong’s WhatsApp packagеs arе compеtitivеly pricеd,  making thеm accessible to many usеrs. 
  • Unlimitеd Usagе: Enjoy unlimitеd accеss to WhatsApp,  allowing you to sеnd mеssagеs,  photos,  vidеos,  and voicе notеs without worrying about data limits. 
  •  Sеamlеss Connеctivity: Stay connеctеd with your friends and family,  no mattеr whеrе you arе in Pakistan.   


How to unsub Zong WhatsApp packages?

Send unsub to 6464, and you will receive confirmation that you have successfully deactivated your package

How to check the remaining MBs in the Zong WhatsApp package?

Dial *10# to check Data Usage. It deducts 10 paise plus tax on every check.

How to activate the WhatsApp package on Zong?

Simply Dial *247# and all the features of WhatsApp, including calls, texting, and sharing moments for a month.


This post contains some of Pakistan’s most wеll-likеd Zong WhatsApp packagеs. 

It is advised to doublе-check the package information on the company website before paying for any package.


Other Network WhatsApp Packages:


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