Jazz Internet Packages (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

We have provided information about several Jazz Internet Packages. It contains detailed internet offers for all jazz weekly, monthly, hourly, and daily offers. The offers are highly reasonable and include different services for their customer.  You can choose the internet offer according to your requirements and budget. Activate the package using the jazz internet package code given in their relevant sections. You have to dial the codes on your mobile with the required balance.

Read the following article and find the required Internet Offers in each section.

Jazz Internet Package:

Jazz provides all hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly call packages for its clients. The company offers these packages with different specifications and at different prices. The company always prioritizes customer care first.

Being Pakistan’s most extensive network, Jazz wants to connect everyone to everyone with great deals, whether it is Jazz Call Packages or Jazz Net packages.

Importance of Internet Packages:

The Internet is a requirement of every person. We want to connect to our loved ones via the Internet. Moreover, it has become a massive source of marketing and business. People are earning their livelihood through the Internet. Therefore, to make internet use accessible for their users, Jazz provides many internet packages.

Difference Between Internet Users of Postpaid and Prepaid Deals:

Jazz provides both postpaid and prepaid discounts for their users. As defined below,

If customers pay for the internet Deals at the end of the month after using values, they use postpaid internet services. In postpaid internet services, the client only paid for what they used during the month.

However, the customers of prepaid services pay before taking the internet services. They have to pay the total amount to subscribe to the service even if they do not use all of it during the month.

Instructions to Consider Before Taking the Internet Services:

Jazz lists packages for all prepaid and postpaid customers at different prices and specifications. However, subscribers must have the required balance in their sim before subscribing to the services. Moreover, when the package expires, it will reactivate again if the subscriber has the compensation needed. Otherwise, the box will reactivate when the user re-charges his balance. Furthermore, if you want to deactivate the package, use the code to unsubscribe from the offer that is given with their jazz Internet packages code; otherwise, it will keep taking your balance.

Hourly Jazz Net Package:

Jazz has a perfect, low-cost offer for students called a Jazz Student Package. You can subscribe to the request by dialing the code in the table.

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Student Offer for Internet Unlimited     Unlimited for Facebook 2 hours Rs. 7.5 *3000#
Super Ghenta Internet Offer       1 GB Data 1 hour Rs. 10 *638#

Jazz Daily Internet Packages:

To subscribe to the Jazz Daily offers in the following section, use the Jazz Daily Internet package and the SMS packages. We also provide the required balance to subscribe to the proposal and the principles of status checking and internet information. Moreover, the un-subscription code for each offer is also and.

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Free WhatsApp Internet Offer by Jazz       250 MB of free WhatsApp Data on every voice call 1 Day Rs. 0 Activate:*225#Status:*225*2#Deactivate:*225*4#
Peak off-Peak Internet Package       1 GB Data 1 Day Rs. 27 Activate:*117*4#Status:*117*4*2#Deactivate:*117*4*4#
Sahiwal Internet Super Night Offer       5 GB12 AM – 9 AM 1 Day Rs. 6 Activate:*577#Status:*557*2#Deactivate:*557*4#
Gujranwala Internet Super Data       5 GB12 AM – 9 AM 1 Day Rs. 6 Activate:*775#Status:*775*2#Deactivate:*775*4#
Daily Social Bundle       500 MBs (Facebook + WhatsApp) 1 Day Rs. 7  Activate:*114*5#Status:*114*5*2#Deactivate:*114*5*4#
Social Recursive Internet Offer       200 MBs for Facebook + Whatsapp 1 Day Rs. 6 Activate: *455#Status:*445*2#Deactivate:*445*4#
WhatsApp Daily Offer       Whatsapp for Alipur, Kabirwala,Khan Bela, Liaqatpur, Muzaffargarh and Uch Sharif costumer 1 Day Rs. 2 Activate:*311#Status:*311*2#Deactivate:*311*4#
Extreme Internet Offer       2 GB Data 12 AM-12 PM 1 Day Rs. 15 Activate:*757#Status:*757*2#Deactivate:*757*4#
Sindh Super Internet Offer       5 GB Data 11 PM – 9 AM 1 Day Rs. 8 Activate: *773#Status:*773*2#Deactivate:*773*4#
Sindh Internet Package Unlimited 1500 250 MBs 1 Day Rs. 12 Activate:*522#Status:*552*2#Deactivate:*552*4#
LBC KPK Internet Offer Unlimited12:00 AM   150012:00 AM 250 MBs 12:00 AM 1 Day Rs. 12  Activate:*291#Status:*291*2#Deactivate:*291*4#
Apna Shehar Package Unlimited 12:00 AM   1500 12:00 AM 100 MBs data 12:00 AM 1 Day Rs. 15 Activate:*229#Status:*229*2#Deactivate:*229*4#
Super Daily Internet Unlimited   50 150MBs 1 Day Rs. 17  Activate:*212#Status:*212*2#Deactivate:*212*4#
Har Din Internet Package 500 minutes   500 500 MBs 1 Day Rs. 28 Activate:*558#Status:*558*2#Deactivate:*558*4#
Karachi Daily Internet Hybrid Offer Unlimited   1500  250MBs 1 Day Rs.12 Activate:*400#Status:*400*2#Deactivate:*400*4#
Jazz Day Internet Offer 300 minutes   300 20 MBs 1 Day Rs.13 Activate:*340#Status:*340*2#Deactivate:*340*4#
Daily SMS and WhatsApp Package 1800 10 MBs for WhatsApp 1 Day Rs.7.2 Activate:*334#Status:*334*2#Deactivate:*334*4#
Max Internet Offer 100     1GB 3 Days Rs. 35 Activate:*631#Status:*631*2#Deactivate:*631*4#
Extreme Internet Offer for 3 Days       3GB 3Days Rs.30 Activate:*114*14#Status:*114*14*2#Deactivate:*114*14*4#

Jazz Weekly Internet Packages:

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Weekly Mega Internet Offer 25 GB (10 GB from 10 AM to 2 PM) + Jazz TV (by Dial *2299#) 7 Days Rs. 275 Activate: *453#Status: *453*2#Deactivate: *453*4#
Peshawar and Chakwal Haftawar Internet 50     10 GB Internet + free Jazz TV 7 Days Rs. 130 Activate:*109#Status:*109*2#Deactivate:*109*4#
Weekly Premium Internet 50 minutes     4 GB data 7 Days Rs. 169 Activate:*117*47#Status:*117*47*2#Deactivate:*117*47*4#
Sargodha Weekly Internet Package 2000   2000 2 GB 7 Days Rs. 89 Activate:*627#Status:*627*2#Deactivate:*672*4#
Taxila Haftawar Internet Package       5 GB 7 Days
Rs. 135
Punjab Haftawar Internet Package 50   5000 10 GB Internet (5 GB 2 AM-2 PM) 7 Days Rs. 100  Activate:*307#Status: *307*2#Deactivate:*307*4#
Mega Weekly Super Duper Internet 1000     3 GB for WhatsApp, Facebook & IMO 7 Days Rs. 89 Activate:*668#Status:*668*2#Deactivate:*668*4#
Jazz Sindh Haftawar Offer 5000 minutes 50 minutes 5000 10 GB (5GB 2 AM – 2 PM) 7 Days Rs. 210 Activate:*406#Status:*406*2#Deactivate:*406*4#
Weekly Mega Offer       7 GB 7 Days Rs. 210 Activate:*159#Status: *159*2#Deactivate: *159*4#
Jazz Weekly All Network Offer 1000 60 1000 2 GB 7 Days Rs. 170  
Super Chenab Offer 600 minutes 30 minutes 600 SMS 6 GB data 7 Days Rs. 60   
1500 MB 2500 minutes 50 minutes 2500 5 GB data 7 Days Rs. 250  
Haftawar Inernet All Round 1000 minutes 50 minutes 1000 250 MBs data 7 Days Rs. 113  
Jazz Weekly Internet Super Duper 1500 50 1500 5 GB 7 Days Rs. 200  
Weekly Social Offer       5 GB for Facebook, IMO, WhatsApp 7 Days Rs. 70 Activate:*660#Status: *660*2#Deactivate:*660*4#
Jazz New Sim Offer 1500 1500 1500 mb 7 Days Rs.99  
Lajawab Haftawar Offer 2500 25 2500 2.5 GB 7 Days Rs.64  
Jazz Haftawar Offer 1000 20 1000 25 MB 7 Days Rs.115  
Jazz Weekly Internet Super Max 6000 60 6000 30GB ( 10GBs +10GBs (2AM-2PM) + 10GBs YoutTube) 7 Days Rs.299  
Package       25 GB Internet (12 AM-12 PM) 7 Days Rs.89 Activate:*117*#Status:*117*2*#Deactivate:*117*4*#
Weekly Streamer Offer       1GB 7 Days Rs.95 Activate:*117*7#Status:*117*7*2#Deactivate:*117*7*4#
Internet With Home Bundle       10GB 7 Days Rs.95 Activate:*117*14#Status:*117*14*2#Deactivate:*117*14*4#

Other than daily and hourly packages, Jazz has a range of weekly packages available for its customers. The package remains valid for seven days and comes in different prices. You can choose the offer you like according to your requirements.       

Jazz Monthly Internet Packages For Prepaid Users:

If you are interested in taking fabulous monthly internet offers, we are here to assist you. This section gave Jazz monthly Internet Package codes for Jazz customers.

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Karachi Monthly Internet For Facebook 5 GB for Facebook 30 Days Rs. 44.5 Activate:*532#Status:*532*2#Deactivate:*532*4#
Monthly Internet Browser       2 GBs 30 Days Rs. 89 Activate:*709#Status:*709*2#Deactivate:*709*4#
Monthly Extreme Offer       5 GB (2 AM to 2 PM) 30 Days Rs. 150 Activate:*117*34#Status:*117*34*2#Deactivate:*117*34*4#
Multan Social Offer       3 GB WhatsApp, 4 GB Facebook 30 Days Rs. 36.4 Activate:*499#Status:*499*2#Deactivate:*499*4#
Monthly Browser Package       4 GBs Internet (2 GB 2 AM to 2 PM) 30 Days
Rs. 215
Monthly Mega Offer       8000 MBs Internet (4 GB 2 AM to 2 PM) 30 Days Rs. 375  Activate:*117*31#Status:*117*31*2#Deactivate:*117*31*4#
Monthly WhatsApp Package       5000 MBs WhatsApp & IMO 30 Days Rs. 110 Activate:*661#Status:*661*2#Deactivate:*661*4#
Monthly Mega Plus Offer       12 GB ( 6 GB 2 AM to 2 PM) 30 Days Rs. 349 Activate:*117*30#Status:*117*30*2#Deactivate:*117*30*4#

Postpaid Internet Packages Jazz:

In the above sections, we have described the difference between postpaid and prepaid customers. Following are some internet

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Gold 699 3000
3000 5GB 30 Days Rs. 683 Activate:*1111#Status:*443#Deactivate:*777#
Gold 1199 6000 4000 6000 15 GB 30 Days Rs. 1500 Activate:*1111#Status:*443#Deactivate:*777#

Gold 1999
10000 600 10000 35 GB data 30 Days Rs. 2000 Actiavte:*1111#Status:*443#Deactivate:*777#


Jazz is providing outstanding service to its clients. Its vast list of reason-able jazz net packages is helpful for everyone, whether they are using the internet for studies or connecting to their loved ones. Moreover, individuals related to commerce and online business can also benefit from these Social and internet offers. So, subscribe to the offer you like and enjoy unlimited internet. Please check the Whatsapp package.


What is Jazz’s hourly internet package?

Jazz is providing different jazz hourly offers such as student and supper Ghenta for its customers.

What is Jazz’s 3-day internet package?

To subscribe to Jazz’s 3-day internet offer, dial *631#. The request will expire at midnight on the third day.

What is jazz one day net pkg?

Dial *114*5# to subscribe to the one-day internet offer for 7 rupees. The bid will remain valid till midnight on the night of that day.

Method to check Jazz Internet Package?

Each internet package has a specific code for checking package info and the status of the box. You can check it by using that code.

What is the best jazz monthly package?

There are several jazz packages for the users. You can use it according to the balance and requirements.

Other Network Internet Packages:

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