Jazz Cash App - Your Mobile Account

Jazz Cash App – Your Mobile Account

A platform where you can transfer cash without going through the complicated process of bank account openings. Here is an idea, just use your active jazz sim to start your journey with online baking!

Through Jazz Cash, you can carry your bank account in your mobile phone and operate it without any time limits. Jazz is one of the leading network companies in Pakistan. In 2017, jazz introduced the Jazz Cash in Pakistan. This new feature that Jazz has introduced for their customer got famous in no time. This blog is going to discuss the features, benefits, installation process, and how the jazz cash-earning app is beneficial for the users.

What Is The Jazz Cash?

With time, the banking system has become modern and updated. The population has shifted to the online banking system. This has motivated mobile SIM companies to introduce their payment methods and online banking apps that can be run by using active SIMs. With Jazz Cash, small and medium businesses can promote their interests and support each other. Jazz Cash works as a mobile wallet, online payment app, and remote banking services provider in Pakistan.

Benefits Of The Jazz Cash App

This app is not only a way of transferring money but it is a complete banking system in your phone. Following are some benefits of the Jazz Cash app

Pay Utility Bills

Now you don’t need to stand in a queue to pay utility bills. Jazz always works for the ease of their customer. Now pay your bills from your comfort zone without even stepping a foot outside. With the help of this, app your bill payments are just one click.

Mobile Load & Bundle

Now you can recharge your balance card through Jazz Cash. This service is not only available for the jazz user but Telenor, Warid, Zong, and Ufone SIMs also avail it.

Money Withdrawal From Payoneer:

The Jazz always follows the trending technology and updates their services. So in the freelancing era, it provides a facility to transfer money into your account and withdraw it.

Bank Transfer

After downloading Jazz Cash, you can transfer your money through Jazz Cash to other bank accounts. This service is available for all banks in Pakistan.

Online Shopping

Enjoy online shopping through Jazz Cash. Jazz cash service is available on the Draz.pk and another famous brand. In the entertainment sector, their service is also available. Now you can get especially RP PUBG, and other games such as Arena Free Fire, and Cross-Fire Legends,  packages through the jazz app.

Book your Bus/Cenima Tickets

Dont need to visit the bus terminal or movie theater to buy a ticket. Through the jazz cash, you can buy your favourite movie ticket without any delay or waiting. Get a bus ticket with discounted prices on the Jazz platform.

Easy way to install Jazz Cash

The Jazz Cash is available on the Play Store. This app installs in two ways. Here we mention a very simple procedure for the Jazz Cash app download.

Jazz Cash Download Through The Play Store

The first method of Jazz Cash is to download the app through the Play Store. The following steps guide you regarding the installation procedure.

Step 1: In the first step go to the Play Store of your mobile phone

Step 1

Step 2: In the second step open the Play Store and click on the search bar

Step 2

Step  3: In the search bar write jazz cash and press enter button

Step  3

Step 4: Now you are about to the final step, click the  jazz app and press download

Step 4

Jazz Cash  Download Apk

The apk means Android Package Kit file format. In this procedure files or any app are downloaded directly through the website and all formats and necessary files are included. In this procedure, we need fewer internet mbs. Here we mention the procedure of the jazz cash app apk step-by-step with pictures. You can directly go to the installation process by click this link:


Step 1: Go to the Google browser

Google browser

Step 2:  Further, write the Jazz cash app download apk in the Google browser and click

Jazz cash app download

Step 3: Now you see the result of the search and find the direct Play Store like this

direct Play Store

Step 4: Lastly, choose the Jazz Cash on your mobile account and download it.

choose the Jazz Cash

Three Easy Steps Open A Jazz Cash Account

After the installation, the next thing is how to create an account. Don’t need to worry about this, we are with you to provide a complete understanding of Jazz Cash. Here we will mention the three easy steps that help users to download the Jazz Cash account.

Step 1: Register your Mobile Account

Here are the two processes of the jazz account registration. The Jazz or Warid users simply install the app and do the following steps:

  • Enter the mobile number,
  • Generate 4-digit passwords,
  • Complete the account.

However, if you are using the other networks then you need to visit the nearby Jazz Franchise, complete the biometric verification, install the Jazz Cash, and complete the account.

Step 2: Setup Your PIN Code

The next step is to create their 4-digit code through the app by dialing the *786#. The other network users need to create a PIN code through the  App.

Step 3: Deposit money into your Mobile Account

After creating the account, you can transfer your money by using different methods available on the app. You can visit the Jazz branch to deposit money with the help of the agents. In this process, you need to dial B and send it to  2179. However, for online deposits, you just have to transfer your amount from any bank to Jazz Cash.

Step 4. Start using your Mobile Account

If you are an active user of Jazz or Warid, you can use the services on a sim without any interruption. All you have to do is dial *786#, and you can make the transactions. On the other hand, other network users need to have the Jazz Cash app to use the online Jazz Cash services.  All your transactions will be accompanied by a digital receipt which will be sent from 8558.

Transaction Limits

The translation limits of Jazz Cash are divided into three levels:

  • The level one users are those who install the app through friend inviting or by dialling *786#. They get 0 to 25000 transaction limits.
  • The daily debit and credit limit for level 2 customers is Rs50,000, while the monthly and annual limitations are Rs200,000 to Rs1,200,00.
  • A third level of service gives clients a monthly and annual credit limit of Rs600,000 to Rs6,000,000. The daily credit limit is Rs400,000, and the monthly and annual debit limits are Rs600,000.

Features of Jazz Cash

Jazz Cash is popular through its unique variety of features. Jazz is a very updated company, they always follow the modern trend and update their app accordingly. Here we mention the feature that helps the customer to understand the usage of Jazz Cash.

Money Transfer

Money Transfer

Through the Jazz cash money transfer feature you can send or receive money from different channels such as bank transfer, CNIC transfer, Raast, and Payoneer.

Utility Bills

Utility Bills

Jazz makes the life of their user easy and comfortable regarding paying bills. In the new feature of the Jazz Cash, you can pay electricity gas, water, internet, and telephone bills without any wait.

Mobile Load And Package

Mobile Load And Package

Prepaid, postpaid, and mobile packages are also available in the feature of Jazz Cash. However, other network users such as Ufone, Telenor, and Zong recharge their balance through this App.

Banking and Finance

Banking and Finance

The interesting feature of Jazz Cash is the online banking system. Now you get your bank system on your mobile and carry it anywhere. The debit card, insurance, learn2 invest, payment through the credit card state life insurance, and mutual funds are added to the Jazz cash.



Now you can get your favorite and convenient bus ticket through this app. In the Cream app, you get a special discount on the Jazz Cash payment.



In the world of jazz companies, you can pay your all dues with just one click. Pay your school, college, and university fees through this app. Moreover, you can also pay any entry test fee through Jazz Cash.

Online purchase

Online purchase

Different online shopping apps such as Draz and E.voucher offer discounts for payment through Jazz Cash.

Other payment and service

Other payment and service

We can say that jazz cash is the mini bank that we always hold in our hands and operate it without any interpretation and network. The government funds like the NADRA fee, flood relief fund, corporate payment, kpk psc, and different deals on the dresses, shoes, and food available on the jazz platform.

About Jazz Cash Earning App – Your Mobile Account

Jazz Cash does not only work as a bank but it is all beyond it.  Now Jazz Cash is converted into the earring app. With the transaction, you earn money through it. It offers different ways to earn money. You can take advantage of the many options and services that Jazz Cash offers to make money. Users in Pakistan can conduct a variety of financial activities with Jazz Cash. Here are some possible methods of jazz cash-earning apps.

Through The Invitation Of Friends

We always follow the rules, invite friends, and take care as good hosts. But Jazz Cash has changed this trend, now to invite friends and earn money. Now jazz offers the chance to earn 120 rupees for the invitation of each friend.

  • Invite friends using *786# and receive Rs. 20 for each person who registers on your invitation; this amount will be credited to your account. After successful registration, your friend will also receive Rs. 30.
  • Send an invitation using the JazzCash app to receive Rs. 50 for each friend who registers; this amount will be applied to your account as soon as the friend logs into the JazzCash app. Once your friend logs into the JazzCash App successfully, they will also receive Rs. 50.

Earn Through Recharge And Bills Payments

Jazz Cash is one the Apps that return customer money with excess use. On the online payment through Jazz Cash, you get the chance of discount or money.

  • Utility bills: After paying any three utility bills through the JazzCash you get Rs. 100.
  • Goama games: Earn rewards based on your ranking and the size of the prize pool. Rewards are disbursed to your JazzCash account within three days after the tournament ends.

Earn Through Balance

When you maintain the balance in the Jazz Cash you get the coins and also free call packages, and internet MBS. With 2,000 rupees in your account, you can win 100,000 cash.

Frequently Ask Questions

How To Use Jazz Cash Without The App?

Dial the *786# and use your jazz cash without the app. But this code  is only available for the Jazz Sim user.

How To Login Jazz Cash?

There are two procedures to log in the Jazz Cash. In the first step dial *786# and enter your 4-digit PIN. In the second method just enter the issue date of your CNIC number in the Jazz Cash and log in.

How To Send Money From The Ubl App To Jazz Cash?

For the transaction of the money UBL app to Jazz Cash follow these steps:

Log in to the UBL App

  • Select a new payment option
  • Select another bank option
  • Choose the Jazz Cash bank
  • Enter the number and amount
  • Enter the OPT number that received by SMS or email
  • Confirm payment


How To Get A Loan From Jazz Cash?

Log in to Jazz Cash and Click on ReadyCash by Bank Alfalah in the Banking and Finance section, fill in all the details, and get a loan.

How To Check Jazz Cash Transaction History?

You can check Jazz cash transaction history in three ways.

  • Firstly go to Jazz Cash, login, go to my account, and see the transaction history option.
  • In the second method dial Dial 7866*9#.
  • In the third method Call 4444 (if you are a Jazz customer) or 111-124-444 (with area code) from your registered mobile number.

How To Check Jazz Cash Account On Cnic?

Dial *800#, and select 5 for “My Account” then select 6 to update or see your CNIC.

How To Check Jazz Cash Balance?

Dial 7866*9# and check your balance without the Jazz Cash. If you already have an app simply log in and see the balance.

How To Delete Jazz Cash Account?

To close a JazzCash account, you can call the helpline at 4444 from a Jazz number or 021-111-124-444 from any other number

How To Create A Jazz Cash Account?

Any network mobile number can be used to register for a JazzCash mobile account: Verified by biometrics Customers of Jazz and Warid can easily self-register their mobile account by inputting their CNIC Issuance date on the CNIC and dialing *786#.

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