Zong Call Packages (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)

Zong is focused on delivering seamless connectivity to its customers.  It is Pakistan’s most еxtеnsivе 4G subscribеr nеtwork.  Pеoplе choosе Zong because it brings the most pockеt-friеndly bundlеs and packagеs.  Zong is also known as a grееn еnthusiast tеlеcom brand.  It is the first tеlеcom company to introduce solar cеlls to its sitе.  

Zong is famous for its unintеrruptеd call packagеs through its еxcеllеnt intеrnеt tеchnology fеaturеs.  If you arе looking for dеtails about Zong Call Packagеs’ latеst updatеs of 2023 (monthly,  wееkly,  or daily),  thеn you arе at thе righ placе. Aftеr rеading this blog,  talk limitlеssly without fear of short balancе. 

Zong Call Packagеs 2023:

Most people prefer calling instead of texting because of their busy work routines.  Avеragе Pakistani usеrs choosе thе Chinеsе-opеratеd tеlеcom company,  Zong.  Hеrе arе thе dеtails of all monthly,  wееkly,  and daily call packagеs.

Zong Monthly Call Packages:(Prepaid)

Package: Price: Details: Valid: Subscription Unsubscription
Zong Supreme Offer Rs 990 350 Off-net mins 5000 SMS20GB net5000 On-net mins 30 Days *3030# Send “unsub 750” to 6464
Zong Monthly Super Card Rs 749 250 Off-net mins 5000 SMS 10GB net5000 Zong Mins 30 Days *50# Send “Unsub monthly500” to 6464
Zong Shandaar Mahana Offer Rs 305 100 Off-net mins 1000 SMS 1000MBs1000 On-net mins 30 Days *1000# Send “unsub Mahana” to 7091
Zong Mahana Punjab Offer offer Rs 590 400 Off-net mins 3000 SMS 4GB net3000 On-net mins 30 Days *676# N/A
Zong PRO offer Rs 1249 600 Off-net mins 10,000 SMS 40GB10,000 On-net min 30 Days *1500# N/A
Zong Mahana Voice Offer Rs 160 100 zong mins daily 30 Days *36# *6464# 
Zong Super Star Offer Rs 575 3000 SMS 500 off-net mins 8GB net3000 On-net mins 30 Days *7070# *6464# 
Zong Monthly Super Offer Rs 1299 5000 SMS450 off-net mins30GB net5000 On-net mins 30 Days *4567# *6464# 
Zong Monthly Supreme Punjab Offer Rs 1000 5000 SMS 400 off-net mins 22GB net5000 On-net mins 30 Days *4545# N/A

The Zong call packages expire automatically, so dialing the unsubscription code to deactivate them is unnecessary. If you have a sufficient balance in various Zong call packages 2023, they will auto-renew for the following day. The regular charges apply if you want to move from one package to another. The call bundles indicated above are only available to prepaid subscribers. The telecom operator can modify the package terms and conditions at any moment. Pakistan’s most Famous network, Zong wants to connect everyone to everyone with Good deals, whether it is Zong Call Packages or Zong Net packages.

Zong Monthly Call Packages(Postpaid):

The Zong Call Packages for Postpaid Customers are detailed below. Customers on Zong 4G postpaid can subscribe to monthly call bundles only. Sign up for Telenor Call Packages for Postpaid Customers monthly by dialing the following codes at reasonable prices.

Package: Price: Details: Valid: Subscription Unsubscription
Zong Supreme Offer Rs 550 + Tax 550 On-net mins 30 Days *567# *567#
Zong Monthly Super Card Rs 1000 + Tax 1000 On-Net mins 30 Days *567# *567#

Zong Weekly Call Packages:

The complete details of the Zong call packages weekly 2023, which are fair for all Zong 4G prepaid users, are provided below. By calling the appropriate digits, you may subscribe to these Zong call bundles weekly.

Package: Price: Details: Valid: Subscription Unsubscription
Zong Shandaar Haftawar Offer Rs.120 + Tax 500 On-net mins 40-off-net mins 500 SMS500MBs 7 Days *7# *6464#
Zong Weekly AIO Offer Rs. 240 + Tax 5000 On-net mins60 off-net mins 5000 SMS 4GB net 7 Days

Zong Weekly HLO Offer Rs.350 + Tax 5000 On-net100 off-net mins 5000 SMS12GB net 7 Days *70# *6464#
Zong Weekly Premium Offer Rs. 420 + Tax Unlimited Zong mins180 off-net mins Unlimited SMS30GB net 7 Days *225# N/A
Zong Haftawar Punjab Offer Rs.167 1000 SMS 3GB net100 Off-net mins1000 On-net mins 7 Days *476# N/A

Zong Call Packages Daily:

Let us tell you the complete information of the Zong daily call packages 2023, which are reasonable for all Zong SIM users. You may subscribe to these Zong call packages daily. So, you have complete control over which bundle you wish to subscribe to.

Package: Price: Details: Valid: Subscription Unsubscription
Zong Hello 1 DIN Offer Rs 13 + Tax 150 On-net mins150 SMS50 MBs 1 Day *2200*1# Send “unsub” to 4952
Zong Daily Flutter Offer Rs 12 + Tax 120 On-net mins120 SMS50 MBs 1 Day *369# Send“unsub” to 369
Zong Daily Full Gup Offer Rs 5 + Tax 75 On-net mins100 SMS30 MBs (WhatsApp) 1 Day *118*1# Send “unsub to 1181
Zong Daily Sixer Plus Rs 8 + Tax Unlimited mins500 SMS1 MB 1 Day (6 AM – 6 PM) *666# Send Unsub to 666111
Zong Daily Non-Stop Offer Rs. 10+  Tax Unlimited mins 1 Day  (7 PM- 10 PM) *777# Send “unsub” to 7141

Customers who subscribe to the Zong call and SMS Packages daily Flutter bundle at Rs 10 excluding tax can only receive 90 Zong and 100 SMS minutes. The offer will be subscribed automatically as long as the consumer has enough balance. Every call will have a fee of PKR 0.15.


Customers who subscribe to this Zong hourly call can avail of free minutes and SMS with MBs.

Package: Price: Details: Valid: Subscription
Zong 2 Hours Non-stop offer Rs.14+ Tax Unlimited On-Net mins1 GB data 2 hours *5555#  / *3000#
Zong Daily Voice Offer Rs.5 + Tax 20 On-Net Mins 24 hours *45#
Zong Daily Shandaar Offer Rs.17+ Tax Unlimited On-Net Mins800 SMS50 MBs net 12 hours *999# or TYPE “PAK” to 5225

Zong Other Network Call Package:

After discussing Zong to Zong call packages, Zong monthly call packages, Zong call packages code, and Zong daily call packages, let us see details of Zong’s other network call packages.

Zong Other Network Call Package is renowned for its outstanding customer service, and consumers may reach out to the staff via phone calls, emails, and live chat. The customer support staff is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to assist clients with any questions or concerns about the services. It also provides other services like text messages, the net, and worldwide roaming packages. Customers can select the bundle that most closely matches their needs.


 We hope that our in-depth examination of Zong’s call packages has assisted you in making an informed selection about the plan that best matches your communication needs.  Zong stays devoted to providing high-quality services as well as reasonable pricing and client satisfaction.

Don’t pass up these fantastic bargains – whether you’re a light or heavy user, Zong has the right call plan.  Maintain contact with friends, family, and coworkers across various networks without breaking the bank.

Zong is your reliable, cost-effective, and easy communication partner.  So, what’s the point? Explore their different call and WhatsApp packages today and enjoy never-before-seen seamless connectivity.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are Zong Call Packages monthly in 50 rupees code?

Fifty rupees bundle includes 3000 minutes with 100 minutes daily for a month. Including taxes and other charges, customers have to pay Rs. 140 to subscribe to this package.

What is a monthly call package of 80 rupees?

The package includes 100 minutes each day for a month. They are giving you 3000 on-net minutes for just Rs 80.

What is Zong Punjab offer *36?

Zong offers all its prepaid Punjab customers 100 minutes Zong to Zong daily for a month. This offer is also called Zong Mahana Voice Offer Punjab.

What is the Zong call package 2 hours code?

Dial *555# after loading the Rs.14 balance on your phone. And enjoy unlimited on-net calls with 1GB net for 2 hours.

How can I check my remaining minutes on Zong?

Just type *102*2# and know your remaining Zong minutes.

Other Network Call Packages:

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