Zong 4g Device

Zong 4g Device

Zong started its network in Pakistan as one of China’s first overseas networks in 2008. It has now become one of Pakistan’s fastest and most popular mobile networks. The main reason behind Zong’s popularity is its internet speed. Zong is serving its customers with complete dedication to unlimited network availability and unstoppable connection for everyone. They have grabbed their place by providing customer-centric and high-quality services.

Other than all these things, Zong has launched Zong 4G devices for their customers keeping their comfort and availability of the network for everyone at any place in order. In the following blog, we are going to discuss different Zong devices and their price and specialties. Keep reading to know everything about these incredible Zong internet devices and Zong 4g device packages.

Zong 4g device complete details

Zong’s 4G devices are created to deliver high-speed internet access to users all over Pakistan. These 4G devices support 4G technology, ensuring quicker and more trustworthy connections than customary networks. The main characteristics of Zong 4G devices include general coverage, high speed, and convenient connection. One of the most important qualities of this 4G device is they are portable which means you can have unstoppable internet regardless of the remote locations. Some other specifications of these devices are in the following section:

Zong 4G Wingle

If you want to use the internet on a laptop or your computer, the company is offering an incredible Zong 4G Wingle. This is a plugin device similar to a USB that can be attached to any device with a USB port. It is amazing for official use or on-road work, for example, if you are traveling and have to attend a meeting, insert this device into your laptop, and there you go. Enjoy the uninterrupted internet for the rest of the journey.

Zong 4G MiFi

If you want to use wireless internet they have a Zong 4g MiFi, this device is the hotspot. Its connection can also be shared with other phones as a WiFi extender. So share your internet with your friends and spend shareable quality time with each other.

Zong 4G MiFi

SIM Card

Zong is also selling device-dedicated SIM cards that can only be used for internet and text messages. However, you cannot use this device for regular calls. This SIM carries the BMM number, on this number the voice will be blocked to prevent regular calls.

How Does the Zong 4G Device Work?

If you are ready to buy a zong device to het internet at any area or location. You must know how these devices work. These devices can be USB devices attached to your laptop or computer or operate as portable Wi-Fi devices connecting to the internet through the 4G network. The blog explains the technology behind 4G and highlights the features of Zong’s devices, including concerns like coverage and speed. There are some steps that you need to follow to start your Zong internet Device:

  • You have to use your master number, without a master number you will not be able to reach the Internet or activate your device
  • Then, by using your master number dial *6767# to subscribe to the package
  • The company will send you a notification on your master number about the availability and usage of the internet

How can I reactivate my Zong 4G device?

If you are looking for a way to reactivate and recharge your Zong internet device, we are going to discuss some simple steps. Of course, after using a bundle of packages, you have to recharge or buy a new bundle to activate the services. See the following options to recharge your device:

● Use the Zong Load Option

If you want to recharge your number, one of the options that you can use is to go to any recharge store, franchise, or retailer shop to recharge your MBB number.

● Recharge Your SIM via Card

Another option to recharge your SIM is to use a Card, such as online banking, debit card, or credit card.

Zong Device Price in Pakistan

Zong Internet is one of the fastest internet speeds in Pakistan. You can use this network in almost all areas of Pakistan. In short, Zong allows you to have unstoppable online fun anywhere in Pakistan.  But the real question is what the Zong 4G device price in Pakistan is for the customers. Well, as you know there are three types of Zong internet devices, of price of each device is according to its specifications. We have given the price in the following section:


Zong 4G Bolt (Huawei) RS. 2000
Zong 4G Bolt (Fiber Home) RS. 2000
Zong 4G Bolt (Hawei) RS 3000


Some Questions that People May Ask

1. User Guide For Zong MBB Device?

A: Zong provides comprehensive user guides along with their MBB devices. You can find the user guide in the device’s packaging or the official Zong website. Additionally, you can contact Zong customer support to obtain a digital copy.

2. How can I access my Zong MBB device?

If you want to access the devices, you should have a master SIM, the device is only accessible through these master numbers. Then you have to dial *6767# to activate or subscribe to the package.

3. Which device is best for the Internet?

Zong offers several types of devices such as devices with a USB port that you can insert into your laptop or computer. It is highly beneficial for those who have to attend a meeting in a remote location or need to work on their laptop while traveling. Similarly, those who want to enjoy a wireless connection and share it with their friends can choose hotspot devices or wireless devices. It depends on your nature of work or use of the internet which device you should choose.

4. What is MBB Zong?

MBB means mobile broadband. Actually, Zong provides unstoppable internet connections to its customers and wants them to enjoy talking to their loved ones while traveling over long routes.

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