Telenor WhatsApp packages (Monthly, Weekly & Daily)

This blog is for all Telenor customers. We will tell you about all Telenor Whatsapp Packages, so if you are a Telenor user and are ignorant of them, your issue is resolved (Daily, 3 Days, Weekly, and Monthly). These days, social media is essential, and one of the most widely used social media platforms is WhatsApp. WhatsApp enables you to share every wonderful occasion with your loved ones. You may exchange files, massive data, films, and audio within a few MB. WhatsApp is among the most effective social networks, making users forget about scarcity.

Telenor WhatsApp Packages:

Telenor is Pakistan’s top 4G service provider. It provides configurable internet packages and direct phoning through the My Telenor App.¬†

We have analyzed some of the top Telenor WhatsApp packages that are cheap and high-value for our readers.

Telenor has launched Telenor WhatsApp Packages, allowing Telenor users to constantly keep in touch with their family and friends via WhatsApp. In the next section, we will go over the Telenor WhatsApp Bundles in detail, including

  • ¬†Daily WhatsApp Package
  • ¬†Weekly WhatsApp Package
  • ¬†Monthly WhatsApp Package
  • ¬†FREE WhatsApp Package
  • ¬†Unlimited WhatsApp Package

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package:

It is excellent for frequent users who want a continual connection to family and friends or who do business regularly, and these packages are tailored to your requirements. To keep in touch with your social circle, you may acquire Telenor’s monthly WhatsApp packages. Furthermore, with their simple subscription process, you won’t have to waste time activating your package, allowing you to begin utilizing it immediately.¬†

As a result, if you’re searching for a dependable and straightforward method to stay connected on WhatsApp, Telenor’s monthly WhatsApp, and all internet packages are something to keep in mind.¬†

All of the monthly packages have been studied and listed below.

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Telenor Mahana Budget Package 300
300 3GB Whatsapp 30 Days Rs. 100  *514#
Monthly Social Pack Plus     1000 4000 MBs WhatsApp and Facebook 30 Days Rs. 80 *660#
Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Package 2023 2000 Mbs WhatsApp 30 Days Rs.1 *247#
Telenor Monthly Social Extreme       10 GB Whatsapp 30 Days Rs. 150 *345*61#
Telenor Free Whatsapp Packages 2GB 30 Days Free *247#
Whatsapp Monthly Package Social Pack Plus 10000 Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp 5000 MBs  30 Days Rs. 105 *660#
Telenor Chaloao WhatsApp Pura Mahina 1500MB Whatsapp 30 Days Rs. 7 *247#

Telenor Prepaid subscribers may get this Whatsapp bundle 2023 by contacting their particular digits. There will be a 0.13 paisa call setup cost for each call. This deal cannot be resubscribed during its validity period. So, here are WhatsApp packages with daily, weekly, and monthly customer plans. Please visit the Telenor website for further details.

Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Package:

We will include all of the Telenor weekly WhatsApp packages in the following area. The table below includes package manes, on-net and off-net minutes, SMS, validity, and price details with subscription codes. Please check these Whatsapp and SMS packages with details. All in one table:

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Telenor Haftawar Sahulat Offer 1000
700 100 MB internet350 MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter 7 Days Rs. 120  *5*7#

 Prices keep changing from city to city. One subscription at a time. If the deal expires, the usual pricing will be applied. You have to subscribe again after the offer expires. This deal can be subscribed to numerous times throughout its validity period.

Telenor Daily WhatsApp Package:

The ability to subscribe to any subscription for one day or three days is fantastic. Stay connected effortlessly with Telenor’s Daily free Call and WhatsApp Package. This convenient package allows you to make unlimited calls and enjoy seamless communication on WhatsApp for a day. With Telenor’s reliable network, you can make calls without worrying about balance constraints and stay in touch with your loved ones. please check WhatsApp and call packages with details

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Telenor Daily Social Pack       70 MB 1 Day Rs. 3 *311# 
Telenor Full-Day Offer Unlimited     Internet 50 MBs +100 MBs WhatsApp 1 Day Rs. 13 *5*250#
Telenor 3 Day Sahulat Offer 250 25 250 Internet 50MB + 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook 3 Days Rs. 52 *5*3#

¬†Prices keep changing from city to city‚ÄĒone subscription at a time. If the deal expires, the usual pricing will be applied. This deal may be subscribed to numerous times throughout its validity period. Every call costs Rs.12.5.


Telenor is a prominent and well-known telecommunications company that provides free WhatsApp access to its customers. We hope you like this post because the information provided above regarding the Telenor Free WhatsApp Offer Code was described in depth. Telenor customers may now share messages, images, and videos and make free phone calls. We hope you like this information, which you may share with your friends and family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a free Telenor WhatsApp code with no balance? 

You may get unlimited WhatsApp access for 30 days with Telenor’s free WhatsApp subscription. To activate the bundle, call 34520#.

What is the * 247 Telenor package?

Dial *247# to receive 1500 MBs of WhatsApp for 30 days for Rs. 5.

What is*660# offer?

Get Facebook with WhatsApp 4,000 MBs and 1000 SMS for a month with just Rs. 85 by dialing *660#.

What is the subscription code of WhatsApp’s free offer?

The subscription code is *247# with Rs.0 charge.

What is the validity of the Telenor Daily Social Pack?

You can enjoy the Telenor Daily Social Pack for three days.

Other Network WhatsApp Packages:

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