Jazz Call Packages (Daily, Weekly & Monthly)

Jazz is always looking for new means to interact with its customers and offers some new and colorful packages, whether it’s internet, voice, or text bundles. Are you looking for reasonable call packages for Jazz Network? Each jazz category carries many bundles with different prices and specifications. You can choose any bundle of your requirements without any issue.

Read the following article to learn about jazz packages and find an offer of your type!

Jazz Call Packages 2023:

Jazz provides all hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly call packages for its clients. The company offers these packages with different specifications and at different prices. The company always prioritizes customer care first. 

Being Pakistan’s most extensive network, Jazz wants to connect everyone to everyone with great deals, whether it is Jazz Call Packages or Jazz Net packages.

Importance of Call Packages:

Calling someone on a regular call without any call package is a costly way to communicate. Sometimes, these calls can be long enough to take almost all of your credit. Therefore, customers prefer packages to call their loved ones and business officials. A cost-effective to communicate.

Jazz Daily Packages Codes:

The company provides you with a huge range of daily packages at different prices. You can subscribe to any package by dialing the relevant code. Go through the tables given below to find the right package for you.

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Sindh Offer Unlimited Minutes   1500 250 MBs 1 Day Rs. 12 Subscribe: Dial *522#See the status of Package: Dial *522*2#To get information about the package, Dial *522*3#Unsubscribe code: *522*4#
Super F&F Package Unlimited   Unlimited   1 Day Rs 9.56 To subscribe: Dial *141*F&F-Number#
Unsubscribe: Dial *141*4#
Apna Shehar Package Unlimited Minutes   1500 SMS 100 MBs 1 day Rs. 12  
Punjab Daily Offer 100 Minutes   100   1 day   Subscription code: *6000#
Unsubscribe code: Dial *6000*4#
Jazz Daily Super: 1440 minutes   50 SMS 200 MBs 1 day 30 rupees Subscription code: *212#Status check: *212*2#Un-Subscription Code: *212*4#
KP daily offer Unlimited   1500 250 1 day 21 rupees Subscribe: dial *291#Information: *291*3#Unsubscription: *291*4#Status check: *291*2#
Karachi Daily hybrid unlimited   1500 250 1 day 21 rupees Subscription Code: dial *400#Status check Code: *400*2#
Jazz Sindh Package unlimited   1500 250 1 day 21 rupees Subscribe: Dial *522#See the status of Package: Dial *522*2#To get information about the package, Dial *522*3#Unsubscribe code: *522*4#
Jazz Super Bundle Unlimited   50 200 1 day 30 rupees Subscription: dial *212#Un-Subscription: dial *212*4#Status check: dial *212*2#

Jazz Weekly Call Packages:

Jazz with its tradеmark ‘Dunya ko Bataa Do’ always undеrstands thе nееds of its customеrs.  Jazz sеrvicеs havе undoubtеdly takеn thе facilitation to stеp up to thе nеxt lеvеl with Jazz wееkly voicе packagеs which arе amazing and availablе at low ratеs. 

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Jazz Sargodha is a weekly package 1000   1000 1000 7 days 0 rupees Subscription Code dial *476#
Offer will be available for 3 months after purchase of a new sim
Jazz 4G sim offer 500   500 5000 7 days 0 rupees After getting your 4G SIM or changing your SIM to 4G SIM, Just dial *443*30# and enjoy 4GB + 400 Jazz/ Warid Mins & 4000 SMS for FREE for 7 days

To Check Status: *117*89*2
Jazz super sim 600 30 600 6000 7 days 78 rupees Jazz work-from-home bundle
Jazz Haftawar All-Rounder Package 3000 30 3000 3000 7 days 13 rupees Subscription Dial Code: *627#Status Check Code: *627*2#
Jazz Sindh Raabta Offer 1000 40   1000 7 days 13 rupees Dial Subscription Code: *766#
Check Status Code: *766*2#
Jazz Weekly Voice Offer  1000       7 days 139 rupees Subscription Dial Code: *211#
Sharing Dial Code: *308#
Checking Offer Status Code: *211*2#
Jazz Super Woman Bundle Unlimited     12,000 7 days 145 rupees Dial Subscription code: *117*14#
Checking Status code: *117*14*2#
Jazz work-from-home bundle 1000 50 1000 1000 7 days 150 rupees Subscription Dial Code: *747#
Checking Status Code: *747*2#
Jazz work-from-home bundle unlimited     12,000 7 days 160 rupees Dial Subscription Code: *117*14#
Status Check Code: *117*14*2#
Jazz weekly Gupshup  1000 60 1000 100 7 days 165 rupees  
Jazz weekly all network package 1000 90 1000 3000 7 days 260 rupees  
Jazz Quetta Haftawar Package 5000 100 5000 12,000 7 days 260 rupees  
Jazz weekly super duper package 5000 120 5000 10,000 7 days 345 rupees  
Jazz weekly super max offer 6000 150 6000 3000 7 days 417 rupees  
Jazz weekly super plus 5000 120 5000 10,000 7 days 345 rupees  
Jazz weekly freedom package 1000   1000 50,000 7 days 430 rupees  

Jazz Monthly Call Packages:

Jazz provides monthly offers for users who want to use the internet for the whole month without any interruption. Each offer has a different price and specifications. They also include some off-net and on-net minutes for the users along with SMS. Please check and active Call and SMS Packages

Following are the monthly offers, that are categorized by offers, prices, locations/cities, and minutes. See the following tables to find a suitable monthly package for your phone.

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Jazz mahana bachat package 300 50 1000 6000 30 days 250 rupees
Subscription Code: *614#Status Check Code: *614*2#
Jazz Mahana Super offer 300 50 300 10,000 30 days 275 rupees Subscription Code: *617#Information code: *617*3#Status Check: *617*2#
Jazz Karachi mahana package 5000 150 5000 10,000 30 days 521 rupees
Subscription code dial: *529#
Jazz Mahana Social offer 5000 150 5000 10,000 30 days 521 rupees Dial Subscription Code: *529#
Jazz monthly hybrid bundle 3000 300 3000 10,000 30 days 868 rupees Subscription code dial *430#Un-Subscription code dial *430*4#Status Check *430*2#
Jazz monthly super duper  3000 300 3000 10,000 30 days 868 rupees For Subscribe: Dial code *706#Status check code: *706*2#
Jazz monthly premium plus offer 3000 500 3000 20,000 30 days 1085 rupees Subscription code dial: *2000#Status check dial: *2000*2#
Jazz monthly super duper plus 3000 500 3000 40,000 30 days 1260 rupees Subscription dial:  *707#Un-Subscription code: *707*4#Status check code: *707*2#
Jazz monthly max offer 3000 500 3000 40,000 30 days 1260 rupees Code for subscription dial: *708#Checking status: *708*2#Un-subscription code: *708*4#
Jazz monthly freedom package 2000   2000 100,000 30 days 1564 rupees For Subscription Code Dial: *733#

Jazz Others Call Packages:

Jazz is a massive name when it comes to the telecom networks in Pakistan. Jazz follows an aggressive marketing approach and offers some fascinating bundles. From Jazz daily offers to Jazz weekly packages and Jazz monthly bundles, Jazz keeps its customers interested. Jazz, a lеading tеlеcommunications providеr, is known for its rеliablе call sеrvicеs, atеring to customers across vast distancеs. Thеy offеr a rangе of packagеs to mееt various communication nееds, from wееkly to monthly options.

Package Name On-Net Mins  Off-Net Mins SMS MBs Validity Price  Dial Code
Jazz Saudia Arabia and UAE         Lifetime UAE Rates: Rs.3.57/15Sec

KSA Rates: Rs.2.38/15Sec
Subscription Code: *452#
Unsubscribe: *452*4#
Status Code: *452*2#
Info Code: *452*3#
Jazz UK offer          Lifetime UK Rates: Rs.1.2/30Sec Subscription Code: *456*2#
Unsubscribe: *456*2*4#
Status Code: *456*2*2#
Info Code: *456*2*3#
Jazz gives a bundle offer 3000   3000 6000   .01 rupees  
Jazz 3 Day Max Package 100     1 GB 3 days 35 rupees Dial *631#.
Jazz Voice Infinity offer           4.60 rupees plus tax Subscription Code: Dial *112#
Unsubscribe: Dial *112*4#
Jazz give a bundle offer 100     1000 3 days 35 rupees  
Jazz 3-day call package 1000 10 1000 100 3 days 55 rupees  
Jazz 3-day max offer 1000 10 1000 1000 3 days 60 rupees  
Jazz gives a bundle offer 120 20     3 months 100 rupees  
Jazz Lajawab Haftawar offer 3000 30 3000 3000   112 rupees  

Hourly Package:

If you have a low balance in your sim and want to communicate with someone or go through some urgent official work. You can check the hourly internet offers. The offer remains valid for one hour after subscribing to it. These offers are low-price and offer you Social internet offers without any problem. check the Social packages. If you have subscribed to any one-hour offer, feel free to make calls for the next 60 minutes!

Jazz has a perfect, low-cost offer for students called a Jazz Student Package. You can subscribe to it by using the given instructions in the table.

Jazz Student Package
Required Balance to get the offer Rs. 7.5 Incl. Tax
On-net minutes Unlimited minutes
Available data with package Unlimited for Facebook
You can use it for 2 Hours
Want to take the offer Dial *3000#
To see the information about the package Dial *320*2#
To see the information about the package Dial *320*3#
The un-subscription code to deactivate the offer *320*3#

Jazz Gold Super Advance offer:

Not just these, there are several other offers up for grabs as well. With the Jazz Gold Super Advance offer, Jazz customers can now enjoy a super loan of Rs.15. The offer can be availed by dialing *112# (this service is for Jazz Gold Prepaid subscribers only). To enjoy this offer, the subscribers must recharge Rs.100 or more. Moreover, the customer’s credit should be less than Rs.100 to subscribe to this offer. Warid customers are now being served with Jazz’s services since the merger.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the terms and conditions of Jazz Call Packages?

To make a jazz call package, you must have the required balance in your phone. Moreover, your package will re-activate if you have a balance in your account. Or it will reactivate once you recharge it. Further, you must have to deactivate the services to make it stop.

What are the most popular Jazz call packages?

The Jazz Sindh package is the most famous jazz call package and offers many services in Sindh.

Are there any hidden charges?

No, there are no hidden charges in jazz packages; you just have to pay for the service along with some extra charges, such as taxes.

How do I unsubscribe from a package?

Each offer has an unsubscription code along with it. You need to dial that code to unsubscribe from the package.

What is Jazz’s monthly call package of 100 rupees?

The package includes 1000 minutes and 1GB of Facebook for a month. The subscription code for the package is *699*4#.What is the jazz monthly call package * 707?

The Package includes 5000 on-net, 300 off-net minutes, 5000 SMS, and 17GB of internet data.

Other Network Call Packages:

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