Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer Details

Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer Details

A rhythmic pulse unites the nation in Pakistan’s busy streets, where heritage meets modernity; it’s not simply the sound of traffic and bustling markets.Ā  The classic jazz tunes and melodic notes resonate from Karachi to Khyber Passage, Lahore to Larkana. Jazz, the industry leader in telecommunications, has recognized this vivid trend and created a connection symphony unlike anything that has ever been seen.Ā 

Imagine this: As you meander through Lahore’s colorful bazaars, your smartphone blares with the most recent updates from loved ones and around the globe.Ā  Perhaps you’re enjoying a cup of tea at a roadside shop in the picturesque Swat valleys, seeing the sunset while conversing casually with friends in Karachi.Ā 

When you play jazz, the whole country becomes your stage, and your phone becomes your reliable instrument.Ā  Explore how technology and culture can work together to bring the country closer, one message, one call, one connection at a time. Welcome to the jazz world, where Pakistan’s beat never misses a note.Ā Ā 

Jazz Mahana Bachat Package:

Package Name

On-Net MinsĀ 

Off-Net Mins





Mahana Bachat Offer Jazz Code

Jazz Mahana Bachat Package:

300 Onnet Minutes 50 Ofnet minutes 1000 SMS 6 GB Net 30 Days Rs. 250 *614#

Terms & Conditions of Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer:

  • Temporary Offer: This offer is only valid for a short period and might end anytime.
  • Set-Up Fee for Calls:Ā  This bundle has a call set-up cost of PKR 0.15 per call.
  • Excess Data: If the allotted incentives are exceeded, there will be an overage fee of PKR 2.25 per MB.
  • Speed of Internet:Ā  Numerous factors, including SIM, device, viewed webpages, time of day, number of concurrent users, and proximity to 2G/3G/4G locations, affect internet speed.
  • Base Rate: There will be a fee of PKR 5 for each MB.
  • Subscription Renewal: You may subscribe to this deal more than once. The Mahana Bachat Offer is available to customers who dial *614#. It is valid for 30 calendar days, ending at midnight on the 30th.
  • Non-Recursive Offer: To take advantage of this offer more than once, users must dial *614# again.
  • Minutes’ Validity: Every minute will be allotted at the time of subscription, and on the thirtieth calendar day at 23:59 hours, they will all expire.
  • Usage Period: There are no time limits and minutes; SMS and data are available around the clock.
  • WhatsApp Data Usage: Data million bytes can only be used for WhatsApp.
  • Waiver of Call Setup Fees: This bundle does not need call setup fees; nevertheless, you must keep a balance of Rs. 0.15 to make calls using the bundle.
  • Data Overage penalty: All mobile internet packages are subject to an overage penalty of Rs. 2 per MB.
  • Actual Speed of the Internet: The device, SIM, viewed webpages, time of day, number of concurrent users, and distance from 2G, 3G, and 4G sites all affect the real internet speed.
  • Base Rate Not Including Bundle: If no bundle is selected, the base pricing of Rs. 5 per MB will be applied. A 512 KB charging pulse will be sent.
  • Balance Check Fees: There will be a fee of Rs. 0.12 + VAT each time you contact 123 or dial *111# to find out how much money is left in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Balance is Required To Activate jazz mahana bachat offer?

Rs. 250, including tax, is the cost of this package. But Rs. 15 is to be maintained to make calls.

How do I subscribe and unsubscribe to the Jazz Mahana budget offer?

To subscribe, dial *614#, and dial *614*4# to unsubscribe.

What benefits do I get from Jazz Mahana Bachat offer?

The offer benefits you with free on-net and off-net minutes with SMS and GBs.

Is Jazz Mahana Bachat’s offer available for prepaid and postpaid customers?

The offer is available for both prepaid and postpaid subscribers.

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